5 to 20 cpm Aerosol Filling Line

Aerosol Filling Line



5 to 20 cpm Aerosol Filling Line it is  consists of semiautomatic liquid filling machine, semiautomatic sealing machine and semiautomatic gas filling machine.
The line is widely used for daily chemical, auto-care, household-care, food and pharmaceutical industry. Filling moisture spray, wax board, carburetor cleaner, air fresher, spray paint, butane gas cartridge, propane cans etc.

There are 3 models for optional:
AVL-3A Semi-auto Aerosol Filler(3 Operators)
ASL-3B Semi-auto Aerosol Filler(1-3 opeartors)
ASL-3C Semi-auto Aerosol Filler(1 operator)
It is idea equpments for new start enterprise or  small capacity product.

Technical Parameters:

Outline size (length*width*height)mm1200*800*200
Production speed/hr800-1800
Liquid volume(ml)10-1000
Gas volume(ml)10-750
Filling accuracy+/_1%
Applicable aerosol can diameter(mm)35-65
Applicable aerosol can height(mm)70-330
valve(mm)25.4(1 inch)
Air source(Mpa)0.75-0.9
Max air consumption(m^3/min)1.3


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