Spray Paint Aerosol Filling Line

Aerosol Filling Line



Automatic Spray Paint Aerosol Filling Line is the most typical and popular automatic aerosol filling line for spray paint. Automatic spray paint aerosol filling line consists of Automatic Ball Dropper, AF-50A Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine, Automatic Valve Placer, Automatic Checkweigher, Automatic Actuator Placer, Automatic Cap Presser.

It adopts screw can sorting device to avoid can jam and full cover nozzle to avoid paint pollution on can. Easy cleaning is available for paint color changing by fast assembly cylinder.

It’s suitable for can diameter ranging from 35mm to 65mm, can height ranging from 80mm to 330mm, 1” international standard aerosol valve. Easy and convenient in operation & maintenance. It’s the best choice for automatic spray paint aerosol product production to reach 2,400-3,000 cans/hour.

Main Features:

1. More reliable, less wastage, durable.
2. High accuracy filling, high quality and stable performance.
3.The can feeding machine in this production line uses anti-explosion motor, the other power input of this production line is from compressed air, therefore safety is ensured.
4. The main control components and sealing component of this production line employs imported famous brand such as SMC Japan. Therefore, it is more reliable and durable

Technical Parameters: 

Filling capacity15-750ml (can be customized)
Filling accuracy ≤±1%
Propellant filling capacity15-750ml (can be customized)
Propellant filling accuracy ≤±1%
Capping accuracy≤1%
Production capacity2400-3600 cans/hr
Air source0.6Mpa-1Mpa clean and stable air source
Max air consumption3 M³/min
Can Height80~330
Can DiameterΦ35~Φ80
Weightabout 2000kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 12000×1500×2100

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