AG-50 Automatic Gas Cartridge Aerosol Filling Machine

Aerosol Machinery

AG-50 Automatic Gas Cartridge Aerosol Filling Machine is the most advanced and popular automatic gas cartridge aerosol filling machine for cooking gas production. It has vacuum head, valve sealing head and gas filling heads to complete the gas cartridge aerosol production. It’s suitable for can diameter ranging from 35mm to 65mm, can height ranging from 80mm to 330mm, 1” international standard valve. Easy and convenient in operation & maintenance. It’s the best choice for automatic gas cartridge aerosol product production to reach 1,800-3,000 cans/hour.
● Vacuum before sealing for a high purity of gas
● No valve no sealing
● No can no filling
● Automatically stop on unqualified sealing
● Accurate & effective gas filling to reduce gas consumption
● Easy in gas filling volume adjustment
● Fast in different can diameter changing & different can heights adjustment
● Conveyor speed adjustable
● Full air driven aerosol filling machine with ex-proof motor driven conveyor
● Equipped with safety doors for safety consideration
● Can be perfectly working with automatic aerosol valve inserter machine, automatic aerosol checkweigher, automatic aerosol water bath leakage detection machine, automatic aerosol actuator placing machine, automatic aerosol cap pressing machine, ink jet printer to complete a full automatic aerosol production line.
Machine stops working when safety door open
Machine stops working when there’s aerosol can jam
Automatic valve inserter station

Technical Specifications

Gas filling capacity 50-750ml
Gas filling accuracy ≤±1%
Valve sealing accuracy ≤±1%
Production capacity 1,800-3,000 cans/hr
Working pressure 0.65-1Mpa
Maximum air consumption 3m³/min
Applicable aerosol can diameter 35-65mm
Applicable aerosol can height 80-330mm
Aerosol valve requirement 1” international standard cassette valve
Power supply 380V or per customer’s specification


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