ASL-3C Semi-auto Aerosol Filler

Aerosol Machinery

ASL-3C Semi automatic aerosol filling machine ,it is 3 in 1 machine  which consists of liquid product filling station, valve sealing station and propellant inflating station together in one working table, one worker is enough to run the machine.
It’s suitable for a small and medium capacity production for aerosol products production such insecticide, car care product, refrigerant, air freshener, hair spray, moisture spray and lubricant etc.

1. Stainless steel machine body, it is durable
2. Compact design
3. One control of the 3 working station
4. One worker is enough to run the 3 stations.
5. With booster pump for fast and accurate filling
6. Flexible machine ok for different size cans
7. Easy changeover for different size can
8. High performance at low costs

Technical Specifications

Model ASL-3C
Filling capacity 20-450ml (can be customized)
Filling accuracy  ≤±1%
Valve size  1 inch
Production capacity 800-1200 cans/hr
Air source 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa clean and stable air source
Can Height 60~350
Can Diameter Φ16~Φ100
Weight about 250kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 900×500×1500

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